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Living Well, Feeling Safe is Making Every Contact Count

Living Well, Feeling Safe hosted an event in Pedmore, Stourbridge in 2012. Contact was received and a self referral was made for an assessment 5 years later in 2017, by a resident who had kept the information she had received from the event. Mrs B said she did not feel as though she needed the service in 2012 but she held onto the information as she knew there would come a time where she would benefit from it.

An assessment was carried out and it came apparent that Mrs B would benefit from a lot of the services available to maintain her independence and to ensure she is safe and healthy. The assessor identified a need for a grab rail to be fitted by the back door as there was one step and Mrs B was struggling to access the property without holding onto the door frame.

Mrs B was also worried about falling in the property; she had fallen in the garden before whilst gardening and lay there for a while before being able to get up. A pendant alarm was installed to give Mrs B peace of mind and to allow her to carry on doing her hobby without worrying that nobody would find her if she fell. Due to the pendant alarm being fitted, a key safe was also installed to allow emergency services to gain access to the property in an emergency.

The Living Well Feeling Safe Technician installed the pendant, key safe and grab rail in one visit to prevent three different services visiting at different times which created a very holistic, efficient approach. Mrs B said the assessment has had a positive impact on her health and wellbeing as she feels it has maintained her independence.

Submitted by Katie Briley, MECC champion and Living Well, Feeling Safe Assessment Officer