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MECC weight management conversation

The following story describes how a short conversation using the Making Every Contact Count Ask, Advise, Assist model led to the client making a significant lifestyle change.


Ask – Engage and raise the issue:
The opportunity came during a visit to client to discuss a potential complaint related to a heavy duty stair lift that had been fitted. The stair lift was used by two clients, one of whom exceeded the weight limit of the standard lift.

As the visiting manager, I had a sensitive discussion about the weight limit and that for safety reasons the heavy duty lift was needed.

The client shared that they had very recently joined a slimming club and started to lose weight.


Advise – Information and key messages:
I disclosed that I had managed to tackle my lifelong issues with obesity and had also reached my goal weight with a slimming club healthy eating plan and that I had been at my target weight for almost 3 years having lost 4 stone and eating plenty of healthy fresh foods.


Assist – Help and/or signpost:
I agreed that as the client was making efforts to lose weight, we would re install the old stair lift and continue to maintain it.

I asked the client to give me monthly updates of his weight loss and agreed that if he maintained a weight below the maximum weight limit for 3 months we could replace the old lift for a new standard lift.


The client kept in touch regularly and told me that I had inspired him to lose weight. He has lost over 9 ½ stone now, he continues to enjoy healthy eating and has made lots of friends at his group. He told me he can now even buy skinny jeans.